Saturday, June 19, 2010


1. Finger paint
2. Be a 'Yes' girl for a day
3. Have a boys vs. girls water balloon fight
4. Learn something on the guitar
5. Write a letter & send it, snail-mail style
6. Pool hopping
7. See somebody famous
8. Spend an afternoon watching the clouds
9. Spend a night watching the stars
10. Try all 31 Baskin Robin Flavors
11. Sing a song with a lot of people
12. Road trip to the beach/lake
13. Climb a tree
14. Watch a sunset
15. Watch a sunrise
16. Fly a kite
17. Make a fort
18. Bonfire Party
19. Laser tag!
20. Go horseback riding
21. Make a FREE HUGS sign
22. Do a photo shoot
23. Go camping
24. Send a message in a bottle
25. Watch the Perseus Meteor Shower (August 12 @ 10:30, NE Sky)
26. Learn something in Italian
27. Ride on a train
28. Blow soap bubbles
29. Mall scavenger hunt!
30. Carve a heart + my name + someone else's name into a tree
31. Take a photo every day of summer
32. Make a piece of origami
33. Yoga!
34. Read 50 books
35. Dance in the rain
36. Play Flashlight tag
37. Let go of past grudges
38. Go to Pole Position
39. Go rock climbing
40. Splash my feet in a fountain
41. Dye my hair
42. Cook an entire meal
43. Go out with a really special guy :)
44. Go surfing
45. Eat breakfast outside
46. Get a henna tattoo
47. Cliff diving
48. Harry Potter Party
49. Write a short story
50. Get my license
51. See a fortune teller
52. Write in a blog
53. Make a t shirt
54. See a movie at midnight
55. Do a cover song and put it on youtube
56. Go to a concert
57. Ask a random boy for his number
58. Call random boy
59. Watch Disney movies all day with friends
60. Practice for swim team
61. Read a novel by Nicholas Sparks
62. Order something in another language
63. Be in the back of a random person's photo
64. Send balloon messages to people
65. Random act of kindness
66. Be nicer to people
67. Do community service
68. Plan out a road trip
69. Order something off of Jamba Juice's Secret Menu
70. Have a girls day
71. Make a summer tote bag
72. Create a photo journal
73. Make a friendship bracelet
74. Make a collage
75. Leave a note on somebody's car window
76. Get a tan
77. Pool party
78. Ride a roller coaster
79. Go atving
80. Go on a double date
81. Make someone blush
82. Pull an all-nighter
83. Meet cute european boys
84. Hide and go seek at night
85. Walk behind & copy a stranger until they notice me
86. Make a cake
87. BODY paint
88. Get closer to someone
89. Rebuild a relationship with someone I used to know
90. Do something that scares me
91. Give advice
92. Make a phone solicitor hang up on me
93. Learn how to change oil in a car
94. Watch a black-and-white classic movie
95. Learn more about something
96. Skinny dipping?
97. Laugh so hard I cry
98. Find the song for Summer 2010
99. Ice blocking
100. Make smoothies
101. Drive in movie


  1. This is really cool :) Taking quite a few of these ideas, thanks :D

  2. i took soo many of these ideass <3

  3. These are quite amazing :) Definitely taking some ideas. <3

  4. Such a great bucket list (: your ideas are amazing.

    1. definitely agree:) this is a awesome idea!

  5. Hey! OMG I am so gonna take some of these and use them from now until the day I graduate college! Thank you soooo much! lol :)

  6. great ideas! i am definitely gonna use #52 and will make one of these lists on my blog vthanks for the ideas and i will be sure to tell people about ur list!!!:)

  7. Y'all should check out my blog :)

  8. Mind if I use yours for some inspiration?

  9. Im doing a bucket list too! Im stealing some of your ideas:) AMAZING IDEAS!!

  10. Really nice things! Only the european boys are not that cute ;p I live in Holland and just 1 out of the 20 boys have something cute haha. The rest are mostly act like rude farmers.